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10 Febuary 2022


February is not quiet Winter and not quiet Spring - I long for the flowers and the sunlight and those first freckles to appear. This collection is all about "vårkänslor" (eng. Spring feelings) which is not just the change in mood from gloomy Winter to energetic Spring but also what we call those butterflies in your stomach that always appear this time of year.


I started out with the papers and the theme.

I went for an older style illustration - think 1700s - and then I collaged more modern images on top (1920s-1940s). These page come from an old American songbook I found in a charity store and the illustrations are older but not as old as the songs, they were made to match.


I've written about my process previously in Calender Girls, Feeling Blue and the main Vintage Girl page. I still wanted to include some process photos to take you through the making of each of these.

Materials used:
Vintage magazine pages, rub on letters and flowers, glue stick (Pritt), markers, pencil.

All the final girls are scanned and edited using Photoshop.
Traditional and digital, mixed.