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10 October 2022


This collection was born from a previous experiment I did with playing cards in 2021. This time around I wanted to focus on my four favorite cards - the Queens.

I've written about my process previously on other collection pages but I'll still include some process photos to take you through the making of each of these.

Materials used:
Vintage magazine pages, spray paint, acrylic markers, ink, acrylic, gel pen, pencil.

I did a lot of sketching and mapping of the card template (using rulers and circles) before I made the actual illustrations on vintage paper. I then used gelpen, pencil and ink to outline the girls before I started adding more texture (spray paint, pieces of vintage paper, acrylic paint). The color selection was based on the characteristics each card is said to have; Hearts is Summer, Diamonds is Spring, Clubs is Winter and Spades is Autumn. I also tried to match the vibe and expression to each suit creating four very different but still cohesive illustrations.

You can find more process and WIPs here:

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Full collection here:

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