"Behind the scenes", planning the project, work in progress and sneak peeks.

Collection available on KnownOrigin April 7th.

4 April 2022


25-ish years ago I cut three words into my skin - UGLY, SLUT, WHORE. All capital letters. All with a razor. The first word I cut when I was 11.

I’m making these three words into three artworks.

“How much does your soul cost?” was my starting point for this project. I ask myself what I was hiding inside of me and how much I would charge to share some of those stories.


I started out with the papers and the theme.

Planning my pages - this has took me about a week. From picking the pages to figuring out composition and making rough sketches… this is where I’ve landed. Included photos of the pages before I do anything to them.


I've written about my process previously in Calender Girls, Feeling Blue and the main Vintage Girl page. I still wanted to include some process photos to take you through the making of each of these.

Materials used:
Vintage magazine pages, Tippex-stick, glue stick (Pritt), markers, pencil.

All the final girls are scanned and edited using Photoshop.
Traditional and digital, mixed.


Collection available on KnownOrigin April 7th.

1. "WHORE"

At 11 I cut the word "whore" into my arm in an attempt to deal with shame and trauma. At 17 I burnt the word "off" with a pack of cigarettes, smoking them one by one and then pressing them into the scar.

2. "UGLY"

I did cut this into my forehead as a weird echo of all the times I was told I was ugly as a child. I tried to silence it, reclaim it, by showing the world that I had accepted it.

3. "SLUT"

This one was possibly the hardest one to make. I cut the word "slut" into one of my breasts. It was also the very last time I cut myself so it sits differently in my memory.